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Checklist for the Bridal Shower
Checklist for the Bridal Shower

There are many important things you need to plan out, decide and remember for your shower and thus it's equally important that you have a Bridal Shower checklist to keep track of these important things and check them off one at a time.

Hosts: Before the party even starts you need to sit down and figure out who is going to host and direct this big bash. Traditionally itís the Bridesmaid who does most of the bridal shower planning, and consequently she is also responsible for the expenses. However you can probably work something out where a collection is taken up to help cover the expenses. Donít forget to set a date for the party so you can make a timeline.

Guest list and Invitations: It's very important to have a guest list and after that to remember to make up and send out invitations. Otherwise no one will show up.

Decorations: Pick a theme, any theme and start looking for the decorations to go with that theme idea. In general youíll need ribbons, flowers, balloons, streamers, baskets, tableware and silverware, favors, candles or potpourri, table cloths, lighting, banners, etc.

Food: It's what feeds us all and guests will love a sampling of snacks or even a full course meal at the bridal shower. Decide on a menu and get cooking.

Activities: Youíll need to fall back on some games and entertainment in order to keep the going or give it a little jumpstart from time to time. One I recommend is the ĎWho Am Ií game in which you attach a piece of paper to each of the guest's backs as they arrive. On this sheet will be the name of a person or general description and guests will have to ask each other questions in order to figure out who they are.

Before the shower starts check to make sure you have enough food, favors and supplies for all the guests you are expecting. Cook any food or heat it to the proper temperature. You may want to set up the decorations the night before to save some time before the shower the next day.

Checklist for the Bridal Shower

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The Collect-All Wedding Bouquet is a fun and messy bridal shower game. Each guest will have a paper plate along with things like tissue paper, toilet paper rolls, glitter, construction paper, beads and more. They will have 1 minute or less to glue together a wedding bouquet made out of these items. It is funny because they will all look ridiculous.
This is definitely one that will go down in the history of Guinness Book of World Records... Liu Yung-yang (103 years old) and his loving wife Yang Wan (102 years old) celebrated 85 years of wedded bliss! They were married in April of 1917 in Taiwan and have kept the fires burning since. Kudos!

Printable Bridal Shower Party Games
Printable Bridal Shower Games

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