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Becoming a Couples Counselor Psychologist

Becoming a coupleís counselor Psychologist is more than just meeting up with couples and discussions their problems. There are many ways in which couples counseling can work and be applied. A couple might choose to go to a couples counselor because they are getting married, they might be having some problems with family, children or between one another or, they are just simply having trouble coping with daily aspects of their lives. Whichever the reason, couple seek help in order to get their lives back on track and be happy and whole again.

Different Couples Counselor Psychologists

There are many types of couples counselors. One of the most popular of these careers is the Marriage and Family Therapist, also known as MFT for short. These therapists are licensed to diagnose and treat mental health problems along with substance abuse problems. The belief of a MFT is that these two problems are best solved in a family environment because it affects everyone.

There are other options such as a Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologist which requires a Doctorate in Psychology as well as two years of supervised clinical or counseling experience, Professional Counselor which has a minimum of a masterís degree and a major in counseling or even a Clinical Social Worker which has a minimum of a masters degree in social work as well as two years of supervised clinical experience.

Education requirements for a Marriage and Family Therapist

An MFT has a minimum of a master degree which covers adolescent psychology, group therapy, counseling theories, sexuality, human growth and development, substance abuse, marriage and family systems and more. These core studies help a coupleís counselor identify where problems are and select the best approach to the situation.

An MFT needs to also be a licensed health practitioner that is licensed by the state in which they reside.

After a person completes there formal education through college, they need to then complete a minimum of two years of supervised clinical experience. Here they will work with family focused psychotherapists and other mental health generalists.

After that an MFT can start working. Most MFTís start their own practice or join with one or two other people to create a group practice. Due to the high level of business aspects in starting a business, it is also a recommendation that the person looking to become a couples counselor also takes business courses to understand general concepts in that field as well. Some might even choose to minor in business.

Each state has its own licensing requirements so it is always a good idea to make sure to check these before you set out and create your schedule. Those who choose a career path in couples counseling are those that like to give back. It is a career that can be pressing at times but also extremely rewarding. It is also a career designed for those that can leave work at work and not take it home with them. That is a very important factor and should be weighed heavily before anyone decides they want to pursue this path.


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