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Printable Bridal Shower Games

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Secret Word - Bridal Shower Game
Click for Printable Bridal Shower Games Before you guests arrive select a secret word and have it written down on a piece of paper. Let your guests know that you have chosen a secret word and the first guest that uses it in conversation with the bride wins the prize. Make sure the bride knows what the secret word is so that she can announce the winner.

Cotton Ball - Bridal Shower Game
For this game you will need a bag of cotton balls, spoons, bowls, and a couple of blindfolds. Spread the cotton bowls on the floor and then blindfold two party guests. Give them a spoon and a bowl and have them scoop up as many cotton balls as they can and place them in their bowl. Set the timer for one minute, the guest with the most cotton balls in their bowl after 1 minute wins the game.

Honeymoon Adventure - Bridal Shower Game
Have one of your guests write down what the bride says as she opens each of her presents. When she has opened all of the presents have the guests read her reactions back to her as if it were a dialog from their honeymoon night. Everyone will surely get a laugh!

Try playing the Free Bridal Shower Game- Memories of the Bride for a special moment in time.

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