Printable Bridal Shower Party Games Printable Bridal Shower Games To instantly print bridal shower games click the image to the left.  Also, try our free bridal shower games below.  First, we list a few games.  Then at the bottom of the page, we list a whole bunch more links to more of our shower games.  So take a look at both the games on this page and the games at the very end of this page.  Or, you can instantly print bridal games.

Try playing the Free Bridal Shower Game- Memories of the Bride for a special moment in time.

Free Bridal Shower Game

Click for Printable Bridal Shower Games Unbelievable Teddy
There's teddys then there's teddies! Your teddy bear will help you fool your guests! You are hosting a bridal shower and want a fun game to play with your guests. Here is the perfect one to do just that with. Your guests won't believe their eyes when they see this unbelievable teddy. You will need to have a fake present prepared for this game. Inside the present you will have special instructions for the bride to read quietly to herself along with a pair of boxer shorts and a tube top. The instructions should read as follows:

1. Pretend you are looking at the most unbelievable piece of lingerie and excuse yourself so you can "try it on" in the next room.
2. Yell and act as if you are embarrassed or shocked to see such a thing.
3. Take a minute or two and act as if you are trying it on.
4. Peek your head out and ask for my help. Make sure that you look like you need it!

That's your queue to rush to the bride's rescue. Help her arrange her boxer shorts and tube top so that when she holds up a large teddy bear, she appears to be wearing nothing else. Hold up a sheet in front of her as she prepares to make her entrance back into the main room. When you have everyone's attention, drop the sheet to reveal her "unbelievable teddy"! Not only will everyone laugh and laugh, but they will love this bridal shower game! Be sure to have the house decorated with lots of bridal shower decorations and give out bridal shower party favors to all the guests so that they will always remember this festive occasion! Most people will find that the bridal shower game, Unbelievable Teddy is the perfect game for a personal shower or a Girls' Night Out. Since Bridal shower games can focus on many different activities. Most people will find that playing bridal shower games along with great food and awesome decrations will make a party very special.
Free Bridal Shower Game
Enjoy your Bachelorette party with this fun free shower game!  Check below for more free games.  Or, above we have Bridal shower board games.  To save time for the last minute rush, try using the printable bridal shower games.

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