Printable Bridal Shower Party Games Printable Bridal Shower Games To instantly print bridal shower games click the image to the left.  Also, try our free bridal shower games below.  First, we list a few games.  Then at the bottom of the page, we list a whole bunch more links to more of our shower games.  So take a look at both the games on this page and the games at the very end of this page.  Or, you can instantly print bridal games.

Try playing the Free Bridal Shower Game- Memories of the Bride for a special moment in time.

Free Bridal Shower Game

Click for Printable Bridal Shower Games Catchy Slogans
Know your Jingles? Bridal shower games are lots of fun when you add them to your to do list at the shower. Before you beginning opening gifts at your bridal shower, make sure that you play this fun game. Everyone will love it! Create a list of catchy slogans that are used for common household items, but make sure you don't include the actual name of the item. Give each guest a list and have them fill in the blanks. Below is a list of some slogans you may want to use.

1. No one can eat just one. (Lays)
2. Fill your cup to the rim with _______. (Brim)
3. A sandwich is a sandwich, but a ________ is a meal. (Manwich)
4. We work hard so you don't have to. ________(Reynolds Wrap)
5. Clean glass plus a whole lot more. ________ (Glass Plus)
6. You're not my diet anything, you're my ________. (Tab)
7. Nothing beats a great pair of legs. ________(Leggs)
8. Nobody bakes a cake as tasty as ________. (Tasty Cake)
9. Celebrate the moments of your life. ________ (Kodak)
10. Once you pop, you can't stop. ________ (Pringles) Look for other great bridal shower games to play and expand this one to include all of your favor sayings. Find them with a simple search. The person with the most correct answers wins the game and the bridal shower prize! Have lots of party favors for your others guests so everyone goes home with a memento! Creating Catchy Slogans is a great activity for a bridal shower. Most often this activity can be played as a paper and pencil game. The host writes some popular advertising slogans on a sheet of paper and then adds a blank at the end. The guests work alone or in pairs to create humorous endings to the famous slogans. For the most part, everyone will enjoy this great Catchy Slogan activity.
Free Bridal Shower Game
Enjoy your Bachelorette party with this fun free shower game!  Check below for more free games.  Or, above we have Bridal shower board games.  To save time for the last minute rush, try using the printable bridal shower games.

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